To make a long story short.

Your search has come to an end when you' re looking/ browsing for glutenfree bread that tastes - even after days.

A bread which is sugar and salt reduced. Vegan and organic. A bread that you take out of your bread box and no more out of the fridge.

To get the taste just take a slice. But no need for a toaster any more.

Martina from BROTGEFUEHLE has developed this tiny little peace of paradise for all who must or even want to eat glutenfree.

Fresh gluten free breads or for take home gluten free bread mixes that really work.  And easy to bake.

Your endless search for a delicious "normal" but glutenfree bread has come to the end.

BROTGEFUEHLE stands for the most delicious bread and breadmixes you can find in the gluten free market.

Just taste it in a "blind" contest with your friends. Don't tell them about the background of #Brotgefuehle.  Just let them experience the feeling and taste of this wonder.

I promise you your friends will be excited about what they ate once you tell them.

Freshness, delicious taste and fluffiness. That's all what I can tell you about BROTGEFUEHLE bakery products.

All is #glutenfree, #wheatfree, even no wheat starch used. #BROTGEFUEHLE uses no soy no egg. It is vegan and certified.

Both, under regulations for organic products and production as well as under the coeliacs association.

That's all what you need to know about BROTGEFUEHLE.



Come along when you're in Leipzig. You will not believe when you taste my breads ALMA, HILDE, WALTRAUD or MARIE that they are glutenfree.Promised.